Bio Active Collagen Plus

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A unique Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Complex for Optimum Connective Tissue Health and Hydration

Skin - Hair - Nails - Joints



Bio Active Collagen Plus is a Drinkable Collagen in three delicious natural fruit flavours Red Raspberry, Lemon and Green Apple. It is a powder and when dissolved in water provides a low calorie, sugar free, highly bioavailable refreshing hydrolysed collagen drink uniquely and carefully formulated with hydrolysed Type I and II collagen peptides. To optimise the efficacy of the collagen peptide formula, it is fortified with key active nutrients including CoQ10, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Vit C, Vit B12, Hyaluronic Acid (nature's moisturiser) and Chondroitin Sulphate (joint repair) - this combination is necessary and plays an integral role to ensure and maintain Optimum Connective Tissue Health and Hydration.


  • Slow the Aging process

  • Reduce wrinkles and skin spots

  • Restore your hair shine and colour

  • Feel healthier in less than a month

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All ingredients are Halaal compliant. Kosher at Source.

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