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SlimLab Shake 'n Tone™


SlimLab Shake ‘n Tone™ is a scientifically formulated meal replacement liquid food to aid in the processes of weight and fat loss.

Shake ‘n Tone™ contains a sweetener that is a natural constituent of honey and sugar cane that has a natural sweet taste.

Shake ‘n Tone™ contains DietPro™Protein Complex – this is a combination of the best forms of protein available to support the re-building process of body tissue, help support recovery and boost natural energy.

Please consult a medical professional if you are on any medication, suffer from any medical condition or are sensitive to any of the ingredients. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Use entirely at own risk.


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  • DO YOU?
  • Add 1 scoop to 150 – 200ml water, mix thoroughly and consume immediately. Suitable as an everyday meal replacement and may significantly aid fat and weight loss if combined with a calorie restricted diet.

  • * Shake 'n Tone™ is Scientifically Formulated meal replacement liquid food


    * Increased Fat used for Energy thus enhancing performance endurance and energy levels


    * The Sweetener in Shake 'n Tone™ has been shown to be well tolerated like sucrose and most suitable for people with a pre-existing intolerance to fructose and those who are unable to digest sucrose.


    * Shake 'n Tone™ contains DietPro™ Protein Complex - this is a combination of the best forms of protein available to support recovery and boost natural energy


    * Low GI and Low-insulinemic Carbohydrates leads to a more balanced and prolonged energy supply.
  • • Seek a low-calorie dieting energy enhancing protein meal replacement.


    • Want to reduce their body weight and lose body fat while on a calorie restricted diet but need to maintain their protein intake levels to ensure optimum recovery and energy levels


    • Seek the best source of protein to reach their dieting goals


    • Seek a more balanced and prolonged energy supply from their diet


    • Want to increase the use of body fat for energy


    Then this Product is for you!

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